Tuesday, May 27, 2008


Let's talk about hair. . . my hair. I have LOTS of it. I have been growing it out for the last couple of years and finally it is pretty long. It is going past my shoulders (as you can see in the picture to the right). I can put it up, braid it, if I let it air dry it is pretty curly/wavy, or I finally figured out a system to blow dry it relatively straight.
Summer is coming, and with all this hair, it is going to be very HOT! So, what's a 41 year-old to do? Here are a few pictures of my hairstyles as of late. Each has its challenges for taking care of/styling. I just don't know which is the best style for the shape of my face and for my age. So, let's see here. . . in no particular order. . .

Which one do YOU think looks best? 

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Boss said...

I like the length of the second picture. But maybe it is because it is a close up of your face... who knows. I do not like the length of the one with you open a present. That seems to old for you and it would be VERY HOT this summer.