Monday, June 2, 2008

Ugh. . . how to get motivated?

Who the F*** pasted my face onto that hideous body? Ugh! Is that what I REALLY look like? I certainly don't feel like it. HELP ME!! (My hair was kinda cute, though, wasn't it?)  :)

In January (no, not the 1st) I got all psyched about losing weight. I went to a new meeting at Weight Watchers, a new leader I had never been to before, looking for inspiration. Well, one of the first things he (yes, HE. . . a male leader. Now THAT's different, right?) did was to ask everyone how they did that week. I mean, point blank, "What did you do this week?" I was shocked back into getting on purpose with weight loss. I didn't want to be embarrassed the next week by gaining! So, I gave up pop for 2 solid weeks, and wrote down everything I ate & drank. I did really well for a few weeks and had lost almost 12 lbs. (and under a certain benchmark number). I was feeling like, Yeah, baby! I'm on a roll! This time I'm really gonna do it FOR GOOD!

Well, this happened and that happened, and I'm still at a net loss of about 10 lbs, which is good. . . BUT, I'm not feeling the same motivation that I was feeling at that first meeting in January. I keep going to the meetings, hoping. . . There is this one woman who has lost 86 lbs. She is so funny, outspoken, a total smart-ass, and I look forward to seeing her there. 

She hasn't been there the last 3 times I've been. . . I hope she is doing well. She is only about 10-15 lbs from where she wants to be, and she has talked about not wanting to quit (again) so close to her goal. Maybe that's why I keep going back to the meetings, to see her and how she's doing.

So, here is my latest pipe dream. A little background, first. This gal, Maribel, who was in my Montessori Training this past year, lost 40 lbs in 3 months doing Jenny Craig. WOW! She looked great! So, I start thinking OK. The summer is about 3 months long. . . If I do Jenny Craig just for the summer, I could get on a really, REALLY good roll in the weight loss game, I would have some structure for the summer food-wise, and (of course, the most FUN part of this fantasy) I would show up to work in August 40 lbs lighter and everyone would oooh and aaaah over my incredible accomplishment. Then I would "just" need to lose another 30 or so lbs to get to my goal. Plus, look at how cute Valerie Bertinelli looks now! 

Well, it all sounds good in theory. I did a little research, and it costs about $20 to join JC, plus the cost of food. So, I knew that going into it. . . JC is a program where you have to buy their food. The kicker is that you also have to buy fruits, vegetables, and milk products to go with the frozen meals. Plus, they want you to buy their "vitamins" and snack bars, too. Not to mention the fact that I would STILL have to make dinner for my family, and then eat my frozen dinner. Plus, we like to go out to eat on the weekends (which is part of my problem. . . I know, I know. . .)

Then, I did a little MORE research, looking for customer reviews about JC. There were some who were completely ecstatic about JC. It was the ones who were not satisfied that I was looking for. 

Pretty much what I found is (also) what I expected. The people who work there are not "members." In other words, they are not necessarily people who have weight issues, or are following/have followed the JC program. They are trained as sales people. (I had the SAME experience with LA Weight Loss people a couple of years ago.) 

I have an appointment to meet with a JC "counselor" tomorrow. I'm going to keep the appointment, just out of curiosity. But I am going to stick with my little WW group. They ROCK!! Plus, everyone who works there has lived the WW program. In fact, they have to be within a certain range of their goal weight in order to keep working there. Plus, I am learning how to cook differently, eat differently, and relate to food differently (I am learning slowly, but I AM learning!)

This time next year. . . I will be back to my comfortable weight. . . and I won't be lying on my driver's license anymore!!

Ahhh. See how I just talked myself back into myself?! (I'll find a skinny pic to motivate me, too.) 

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