Monday, October 20, 2008

Supporting the GIRLS

Since Roni brought it up. . . let me just go there! ;-) Basically, I've always been well-endowed. So, when I was pregnant and reading all the books and magazines, they kept talking about how wonderful it would be when the baby was born and your boob increased in size. 

GREAT! That's JUST what I need! 

They kept saying to enjoy the voluptuousness (gag me!) while it lasted because soon, after you lose the baby weight from breast-feeding (HA!), your cup size may actually shrink (please, oh, please!) Let me tell you, I was certainly looking forward to THAT part. 

Wrong! Just the opposite happened.

So, think about this. . . before pregnancy, size DD. Pretty good size, right? Still manageable. After pregnancy, G's!! Are you kidding me? I didn't even know they made REAL boobs that big! So, that explains my frustration/dilemma these days. I cannot find a bra that fits me and feels comfortable. I was an underwire gal before the baby (who is in Kindergarten now!), but with all this extra weight on my chest (OK, it's all over my body. . . baby weight +10-15 lbs) the underwires dig into my ribcage or they poke under my arms. Yes you read that right, they bow out and actually poke me in the arm (as in my biceps, not my armpits). These girls are so big and cumbersome, I actually have to wear a bra to bed to keep them from flopping around when I toss & turn. No lie.

So, Roni posts this contest to win a new sports bra (see link below), and I gotta tell ya (OK, now I sound like Sarah Palin-yikes!) I'm a little skeptical that this will help me! I'm always hopeful, but I have yet to find a truly comfortable, everyday bra for these big, heavy girls. And, sports bras? Anything faster than a brisk walk, and I'm getting black eyes from all the bouncing. I have to run with one or both of my arms holding the girls in place. (Stop laughing. I DO run every so often! I have a 5 year-old, remember?!) 

If I were any good with sewing & fabrics, etc. I could invent a really good, supportive bra for big gals (kinda like the Spanx gal!) I really don't care about cleavage. I just want to wear a plain shirt and not have to worry about showing a "double bubble," or illustrating my very large uniboob with my incompetent bra. And don't get me started on showing nipples! ACK! There has GOT to be somebody out there who can do a better job!


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