Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Love to fly

I love to fly. The first time I remember flying I was about 5 years old and I was going to Iowa to visit my dad's parents, Grandpa Chuck & Grandma Gwen, and my dad's youngest sister (my aunt) Meighan (who is only 2 years older than me). What a great summer that was! (Or was it only a week?) 

Ever since then I have loved flying. And I still love sitting in the window seat with my nose pressed right up against the window. (That is, when my son isn't traveling with me, since HE always gets the window seat now. Hmpf!) It is amazing and thrilling to watch the world whiz by as we race down the runway and to feel that huge machine start to lift off the ground. It gives me chills every time. When I travel I keep my camera handy just in case there are some interesting cloud formations, or if we fly right over the city and I can get some good aerial shots. 

Here I was on my way from Kansas City (where my sister lives) to St. Louis for a "mommy's weekend away" with some college friends. It was a beautiful sunny day with just enough clouds to make the scenery interesting.

Then we began our approach into St. Louis and I saw the great Mississippi River.
Two seconds later we flew over areas where the river had flooded quite a bit. 

It is very clear to me from just 15,000 ft that no matter what we, humans, do to control Mother Nature, she has the ultimate control. I am in awe.

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Boss said...

I love your pictures of the area flooding. You did good.