Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Listen to the locals!

I certainly learned my lesson!!

Let me back up a bit. Upon arriving in St Louis, my good friend from college, Laura, picked me up at the airport. She got us some amazing seats for the Cards/Cubs game that afternoon. Here was the view from our seats, which, I might add, were CUSHIONED, in the shade with a nice breeze coming up from the field, and access to an all you can eat buffet and bar! Woo-hoo! It's good to have friends!

We certainly have aged well, haven't we?!

Later that evening Doris (my best friend/roommate in college) met up with us and we all went to a local bar where they put on a drag show with both drag Kings and Queens. Another friend from college is a drag king—Clitt Black. I'm sure you've heard of him! Fun show, and quite different than any drag show I've seen with boys dressed as girls and girls dressed as boys. 

So, because my digital camera has an annoying delay in taking pictures, here is the most telling picture (read foreshadowing). This is the empty glass of my first alcoholic drink of the night. 

It certainly wasn't my last, however. Remember, this is Mommy's weekend away! She thought she was 18. . . um, I mean, 21 again! The problem with drinking, for me, is that I don't have a drink that I "usually" drink, because I drink so seldom. Beer usually makes me gag, and I can't always count on the margaritas tasting any good. So, I usually try one foofy drink, pay too much money for it, and then I'm done. Plus, I just hate wasting the next day feeling crappy.

After the drag show we all met up at another local hangout. It was a nice little place. . . a men's bar, but totally comfortable for our little group. Doris (who is my best friend in the WHOLE WIDE WORLD*) and I played several songs on the jukebox and talked. So much fun! Here is a picture of me, Doris and "H" (otherwise known as Ellen or Clitt). 
Something hit me as soon as we walked into this place—I want a Cosmo! So, Laura bought me a Cosmo, and man was it good! Strong, smooth, sweet. . . just the way I like my women! ;) 
So, you probably know where that first Cosmo led me. Yep, right to another Cosmo. And before I even finished my second, I wanted a third. Now, here's where it pays to listen to the locals. Laura warned me not to get the third drink from this place. She knows this establishment and how they mix the drinks. 

Well, no one was going to tell ME what to do! I had money in my pocket. I marched right over to the bar and bought myself another Cosmo! So THERE!

The rest of the night is a bit fuzzy. . . My friends told me that we left the bar shortly after I ordered and gulped the third Cosmo. Doris and H went their respective ways. I was staying with Laura and her partner. When we got back to Laura's house, she baked a pizza to help settle our tummies for the morning. I wanted to drink more (!) and her partner graciously made me a weak Screwdriver (even though I really wanted a Mojito!) :) 

Here is the last picture of me before it got really ugly.

Remember how I said I usually don't like to drink a lot because the whole next day is a waste? Well, I proved myself right time after time the next day. I finally was able to sit up for any length of time at about 3pm the next day. I finally got in the shower at about 5pm (because Doris made me!). And finally was able to keep some real food down at about 7pm.

Lesson learned: Listen to the Locals!!!

*They also tell me I was talking A LOT. . . at least they said I was funny/entertaining. I guess I was demanding more alcohol (I wanted to switch to Mojitos after my 3 Cosmos. Yep, alcohol really DOES make you stupid!); saying things like, "I should NOT be driving!" (which, of course, I wasn't); showing everyone who stepped in front of me a picture of Aidan; talking about how big my "girls" are since having a baby; and telling Laura over and over and OVER again how great of a person Doris is, and how she is my best friend in the WHOLE WIDE WORLD!

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Boss said...

I have to say I TOLD YOU SO. But it was a lot of fun anyhow. Not only did you talk a lot but you were talking like you were a sailor on leave..... HA HA