Wednesday, November 5, 2008


Amazing! That's how I feel about Obama's win over McCain. I am filled with hope. He seems to me to be a man of courage, strength, persistence, humor, integrity, hard work, compassion, and commitment to making the USA a better place for ALL. There is something to be said for this man, this campaign, to have created such interest in the political process again. I heard that his campaign helped register over 4 million NEW voters. Amazing!!

As CNN (or was it MSNBC?) projected that Obama was the winner, I sat in front of the TV crying. Then we went out into the street whooping and hollering (just as we did the first time the Broncos won the SuperBowl.) 

The first black man to be the President.  His strong, educated wife, and his two young daughters (and their new puppy) will bring new life into the White House. I am in awe. Just 4 years ago we were only beginning to know this man, and now he is going to be our next President!?!!! Wow!

I'm not even writing that well. . . I'm just so thrilled. . . and hopeful.

Please, please do not disappoint us President Obama. Let's bring thinking, dignity and reasoning back to the White House and leave the ego for those other guys. Let's truly reinstate the USA as a bright spot in the world, helping others and fighting the GOOD fight. Let's save the planet and ALL her inhabitants. I have faith in your abilities now. Please don't get tainted by those good ol' boys, or get pushed around and bullied. We have a tough road ahead, but I do BELIEVE that you will lead us in a better direction than the last 8 years.

Barack is in the HOUSE!!!!!

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